Pulau Tioman

Tioman water caters to every level of diver from tranquil calm dive sites that are suitable for beginners through to drifts and surge sites which appeal to the more experienced divers. Tioman is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which is home to over 500 species of reef building corals and 52% of all Indo-Pacific reef fishes!

Macro enthusiasts and will be impressed by Tioman’s array of critters which includes countless species of nudibranch, scorpionfish, pipefish, octopus, cuttlefish, frogfish, eels and a plethora of shrimps and crustaceans which are experts in camouflage on the reefs.

Tioman is also home to three species of sea turtle; the green sea turtle and the smaller hawksbill sea turtle are regular sightings. If you are exceptionally fortunate you may be graced with a sighting of a leatherback turtle. Reef sharks are commonly spotted around the dive sites, as are schools of batfish, passing eagle rays, and hunting great barracuda.

Renggis Island

Max depth 12-15m - suitable for snorkeling

One of the more popular dive sites around. Just some rocks and some trees above the surface, but put your face in the water and you will experience a pure tropical aquarium. Large varieties of hard corals and dozens of different species of fishes in every square meter; angelfish, damsel fish and barracudas are a small example of the peaceful storm of colour that will evolve around you. Most importantly Renggis is also the home of some black tip reef shark, hawksbill, green turtle and cuttlefish.

Tiger Reef

Max depth: 25m

This beautiful rock formation is in the middle of two small islands. It is covered mainly by soft corals, barrel sponges and hard corals. At times the current can be quite strong. The strong current can attract a lot of marine life, such as giant barracudas, black tip reef sharks and (if you are lucky) some white tip reef sharks, it is also home to a lot of nudibranches. It is not a dive site for beginner as the current can be quite strong.

Soyak Reef and Soyak Wreck

Max depth 28m. 

This small island in front of Salang has various nudibranches and beautiful underwater landscapes. Lots of rocks, offering shelter to dozens of different species of fish. This is a very variable dive site, ideal for multilevel divers offering a bit of everything. Depending on what you like, an entire ecosystem combined in one small area. In the deepest part there are two wooden wrecks covered with soft corals. Hard corals can also be found in the shallower areas. Reef sharks, turtles and reef fishes will be everywhere, but if you focus on the rocks you will notice the huge variety of nudibranches living there. A very nice dive site for every level.

Above are just 3 of the many dive sites that can be found in Tioman. Here are some other dive sites that you may want to explore: Chebeh, Gaduk Bay, Genting Bay, Malang Rock, Sepoi, Golden Reef, Labas, Sawadee, Marine Park, Pirate Reef, Tomok and more.

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